Social media is NOT a '9 to 5' Monday-Friday job, it’s 24/7! Your fans are real people using social media at their leisure, after dinner, late at night, before work, & on Saturday afternoon. Our team of specialists work all hours, so they are always responsive to your fan base.

Looking Glass Media creates a positive experience for your fans & followers. We build a true community centered around you & your business. Our goal is to build an army of loyalists that will spread your name—they will tell their friends what you're about, your events, your product & of course your brand! Also, they will help build momentum for your events & promotions. We interact with your fans & patrons to make them feel special & appreciated. We answer their questions, direct them to the latest information & make sure any fan concerns are addressed quickly.

Looking Glass Media is an expert at evoking fan response. This drives fan experience, builds your following & grows your fan count. ‘Response’ (‘like’, ‘comment’, ‘share’, 'retweet', ‘pin’) is critical. Most people don't realize that social media sites have complex algorithms that can severely limit the amount of fans that see your posts. This occurs if the core of your fan base does not respond to what you have posted. You need to provide consistent high quality content! It's a full time job & we're on it!

Looking Glass Media focuses on building true ‘fan communities’ for our clients. We take pride in our aggressive approach to fan interaction. We monitor pages day & night, & provide fans good reasons to stay actively involved. A purely commercial tone will lose fans & bore your audience. Nobody enjoys a heavy sales pitch. Looking Glass Media will create a dialogue that your fans will enjoy: A friendly, warm, inviting conversation that will cause fans to invite other friends to join in. When this occurs… your social media following will start to grow & become organically viral. Looking Glass Media will unleash the power of you & your brand.

Every client is unique… we recommend social media strategy depending on your brand, your fans, your goals & more. For custom pricing & info, please email us at or call us at 213.509.1536.

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